Stainless Steel Screws for
Flat head - Button head - Socket head

I am now proud to offer various Stainless Steel screws and hardware to dress up your Vmax. Metric Stainless hardware is very difficult to find in hardware stores, and very expensive if you do. I bought these in quantity (the only way I could get them) and will sell the exact quantity needed to you. They all come bagged with a label describing where each screw goes to eliminate guesswork. These offer the following advantages over the originals:

Disclaimer: I recommend, especially for the button and flat head screws which have a reduced size head socket, for you to purchase and use the special Allen Plus keys shown below. Application of very high torque can distort the heads. These screws are not as hard as some of the hardened steel screws they replace. I estimate their strength to be approximately the same as Class 8.8. Most of the ones they replace are 9.8-12.9. Do not over-tighten them! Stainless steel screw threads will "gall" and seize if they break. You install them at your own risk. I have tested every screw in location and personally found them to be sufficiently strong but I give no warranty, express or implied. I will however cheerfully refund your money on return of the screws if you're not satisfied. ALL PRICES ARE US$.

PicturePART # & DescriptionPcs Key size(s)Price

Special Allen Plus long arm hex keys
Special rounded shape allows greater
contact and 20% more torque without
damaging head.
A25 2.5mm Allen key 1 2.5 2.00
A30 3mm Allen key 1 3 2.40
A40 4mm Allen key 1 4 3.00
A50 5mm Allen key 1 5 4.40
AK4 Set of 4 Allen keys 4 2.5,3,4,5 11.50
A60 6mm Allen key 1 6 5.00
AK5 Set of 5 Allen keys 5 2.5,3,4,5,6 16.00
Button head carburetor lid screws - Get rid of the Phillips and tamper-proof Torx heads!
16 3 8.50
NEW Black rubber plugs to seal the hole after removing the carburetor idle mixture caps. Keeps out water, dirt and bugs and prevents your idle screws from seizing due to moisture exposure.
4   3.00
NEW Tamper-resistant Torx key - special key to remove the "security" screws on the carburetor lids with the pin in the head.
1 6 5.50
Flat head master cylinder lid screws-Get rid of the Phillips heads!
4 2.5 2.00
Button head scoop screws - mounting and front screens
10 3,4 6.00
Button head headlight and front emblem screws plus long screws in turn signal bracket above headlight.
6 3,4,5 5.50
Button head upper shock and grab bar screws (1 set covers both)
4 5 7.50
Button head Radiator cover mounting screws & washers
12 4 4.00
Carb & Body screw set - All screws listed above.
52 2.5,3,4,5 30.00
Socket head handlebar clamp screws
4 6 5.50
Socket head triple tree clamp screws
6 6 9.50
Socket head master cylinder clamp screws & lock washers
8 5 3.50
NEW Button head switch housing screws. Get rid of the ugly, black Phillips heads!
5 3 6.00
Above four items
23 4,5,6 23.00
Button head brake rotor screws.
Note! Original screws are hardened alloy Class 12.9 and Loctited in place. Torque to spec (but DO NOT OVERTORQUE), and check them often! I've been using them for a couple of years now, and they have worked fine for me. Fit all model years.
18 5 39.00
Button head rear brake caliper brace bolts - Includes lock nuts, no more cotter pins!
4 5 6.00
Button head rear brake master cylinder mounting screws
2 5 4.00
Brake screw set includes above 3 items.
24 5 48.00
Muffler mounting bolts, nuts, large washers
6 6 16.00
Button head rear footpeg bracket mounting bolts
6 5 11.00
Above two items
12 5,6 26.00
NEW Acorn nuts. For lower front motor mounts where they attach to the frame.
4 N/A 12.00
Engine cover screws - Complete 47-piece set includes socket head screws for all 4 case covers and the small rectangular cylinder covers. Includes 6 outer screws for intake manifolds and crankcase vent galley.
47 4,5 39.00
Mondo screw set - Complete set of all above screws.
162 2.5,3,4,5,6 174.00
NEW Socket head fork brace screws. For recessed bolt holes on aftermarket fork braces. Fit all years forks.
4 6 4.50
NEW Button head fork brace screws. For flat bolt tabs on original OEM style fork braces. Fit all years forks.
4 5 7.50
Socket head sissy bar pad screws
4 5 4.00
NEW Button head sissy bar mounting screws - for sissy bar WITHOUT luggage rack.
4 43.50
NEW Button head sissy bar/luggage rack mounting screws - for sissy bar WITH luggage rack.
4 44.00
Nickel-plated steel finishing caps to fit fork & handlebar clamp bolts, etc. Available in 5 and 6 mm, specify size needed.
15,6.75 EACH

Other items: Frame/motor mount screws. Email me any other suggestions. However, I have been unable to find 1.25 (fine) pitch M10 stainless hardware which is the size used on the caliper mounting bolts, footpegs, bottom shock acorn nuts, etc. Let me know if you do!

Shipping & Handling: For US addresses, I will ship Priority mail for a flat $5.50 per order. Small orders (less than 10 oz or about $20 worth) can be mailed First Class for actual postage + $0.50 for packaging. Outside US pay actual postage + $0.50 packaging. US dollars only. Cash, checks, money orders accepted free of charge. Personal and Business checks will be held 10 days for clearance. Paypal accepted.

Ordering: Make a list of what you want. Add up the total including shipping or email me if you have any questions. Send the list with payment to:
Michael Sayers
202 Nelson Ct
Clayton NC 27520
or email or include the list when using online payment, which should go to I will set up a "shopping cart" if it seems merited.